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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mobile Casing Artistry

Everything seems expensive and therefore people are looking for options where they can have a unique and precious items they all wanted by simply making and gathering the materials they prefer... something new... something old.. and some broken jewelry to be able to create a masterpiece that is worth more than what you expected.

In this mobile casing, I used some old and broken jewelries like pearls, swarovski, a new brooch, a broken silver earings and addes some glass studs that will rock the entire look.
So you do not need to shed out a hundred box just to have an expensive cellphone cover instead, show off your originality and be resourceful.
Hopefully, you will give time to develop your artistry.  Everyone has the capacity of turning a rug into a gem, you just have to take a step forward to discover what you are capable of

God has given each one a unique talent, so don't waste yours....


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